Gravenstein Apple Red & Green Smalls Mix

Store Fruits Gravenstein Apple Red & Green Smalls Mix

Have a box of organic Gravenstein apples for .75 a pound! Taste just as delicious, just a smaller size.

 Box Mix Small Grav's$29.00 Sorry, out of stock.

If you are a fan of Gravenstein apples, I have a great deal for you! Here is a box of approx. sixty (60) Grav's for $29.00-- shipping included!

So many people don't care for the smaller sized apples.....I have never understood why not. I call these 'lunchbox apples.' They are perfectly sized for a little mid-day snack, or to top off your lunch.

Full sized flavor in half the package. These are not teeny, they measure from 7.5" to 10.5" in circumference. I will send a mix of both the red and the green varieties. Perfectly reputable, serviceable apples. Enough here for the whole family to snack on for a week or two! Great for juggling too!