Organic Gravenstein Apples Red Variety

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13-15 lb. Red Grav'S $47.00  Qty: Price:

The only discernible difference between red and green is that the red are just a wee bit sweeter, and the skin is a tad bit thicker. Other than that, they are identical. The same crispy crunch when you bite into them, + the same sweet, tangy juice dribbling down your chin!

The one major advantage of the red over the green, in my estimation, is the color of the applesauce. I don't peel my apples when making sauce, it is such a waste of time. The peel totally disintegrates in cooking, + only the color remains. This results in the most stunning, bright, fuchsia pink applesauce you can imagine! Sometimes I even add extra peels for an even more intense color.

A friend of mine is a 'dyed in the wool' LOVER of green Grav's. It took me many years to convince her to try the red ones. Guess what? She now prefers the red to the green!

You will receive 13-15 lbs of apples shipped in an $18.00 large flat rate box. Shipping cost is included in the order price. Grav's are very fragile and bruise easily. All boxes are padded with a thin layer of bubble wrap, and the box is marked 'Fragile.' If your intended use is for sauce and pie, this method is fine. If however, you are concerned as to the appearance of your apples, I will have to add more cushioning and you will wind up with a few pounds less . Please make known to me in the 'gift message' window at checkout if you would like more padding.. As this is an organic product, please expect to see a few worm holes.