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Jonathons were very popular when I was a child in the 1950's. They seem to have fallen out of favor for some reason, but I can't imagine why! If you are familiar with the Gravenstein, and you like them, then you will love the Jonathon!They taste nearly identical to the Grav's I think. They have just the right amount of sweet/tart balance, and are firm and wonderfully juicy. They adapt well to any application whether it be juice, cider, pies, sauce, or just munching.

They have a rather short shelf life, so do please use them asap. They will be good for two weeks or so, stored in the fridge.

I will ship you a large Priority Flat Rate box, which holds about 15-18 lbs. Shipping charge for that box is $19.00, so you are paying less than $2.00 a pound for the apples.

I am an organic grower, but not certified. My trees have not been touched with anything other than rain water since the 1960's! They were planted in the 1940's, but still these trees produce medium to large apples, and only rarely do I see a worm hole.

Please give this sought after, hard to find apple a try, I think you will be back for more!